Food in Plastic II – The Masters, August 8 – October 15

Vermeer in Plastic 30"x30"

From thin gauge thermoform trays to seal tear bags, the use of plastic packaging in the food industry continues to evolve. There are new and creative uses of plastic- from molded coverings specifically tooled for a half a Bundt Cake to redundant polymer protection for items such as bananas which are already covered in natures skin.

Over the past decade, Victoria Mimiaga’s paintings have explored the pervasive, excessive and often needless use of plastic in our modern world. She has found that plastic has become more and more ubiquitous. So ubiquitous in fact that we often fail to see it. In an attempt to make plastic visible, she has wrapped plastic around the bowl of mangos in Gauguin’s “To Tahitian Women”, painted a clear plastic zip lock bag around the green apple in “Son of Man” and painted bags for the tortillas in Diego Rivera’s “The Grinder”. The series continues to portray food in plastic in iconic old master paintings. When plastic becomes visual again, we can begin the many conversations about it’s reflective aesthetic, it’s role in our society, and our responsibilities regarding it’s use.

August 8 – October 15

Bartolini Gallery at Marin Center Exhibit Hall

10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael CA 94903

Gallery hours Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Opening reception September 12 6pm – 8pm

Artist bio:

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